Saturday, April 22, 2023

The Ten Doctors Introduction!

Starting on Monday May 1st Doctor Who: Panel to Panel is proud to present The Ten Doctors, an online comic strip by the creative mind of Richard Morris. I interviewed Rich in Episode 146 of my podcast (which you can find wherever you download podcasts) about The Ten Doctors and now you can read the strip in its entirety right here!

Each Monday and Thursday will post a page of The Ten Doctors for your viewing pleasure. As an added bonus, Rich Morris himself will be adding commentary and bonus artwork from time to time as the story progresses.

As a teaser, here is the introduction to The Ten Doctors, including a cover which you can use if you desire to print out the pages and make your own graphic novel - which I did when Rich first posted the strip years ago!


Friday, April 21, 2023

Missy Returns in Titan Comics' Doom's Day!!



Titan Comics is thrilled to announce a two-issue comic series launching on July 5, 2023, as part of the Doctor Who multi-platform story Doom’s Day. The comic series will feature fan-favourite character MISSY on the trail of new character DOOM, who makes her comic book debut. 

It was announced last month that Titan Comics are participating in BBC Studios’ multi-platform Doctor Who story, Doom’s Day to celebrate Doctor Who’s 60th anniversary. Doom’s Day is a standalone transmedia series across multiple platforms and will allow Doctor Who fans to follow Doom, the Universe’s greatest assassin, as she travels through all of time and space in pursuit of the Doctor to save her from her ever-approaching Death. She only has 24 hours and a vortex manipulator to save herself before her fate is sealed forever.

Available in comic stores and on digital devices at release, Titan’s Doctor Who: Doom’s Day #1 comic is an adventure starring Doom in her comic book debut – using her vortex manipulator, she'll do anything to find the tempestuous time traveller, the Doctor, including cavorting with the maleficent MISSY. Every hour a new adventure, every hour closer to death...

Doctor Who: Doom’s Day #1 is written by Eisner-nominated Jody Houser (Stranger Things, Star Wars, Spider-Man) with art by Roberta Ingranata (Witchblade). The comic debuts with two covers for fans to collect: from celebrated artist Pasquale Qualano, and a photo cover variant.

Jake Devine, Editor, Titan’s Doctor Who Comics, says: “I'm so excited to be working with Jody and Roberta once more, and I can't think of a better team to introduce this dazzling new character to the world of Doctor Who comic books. Throw Missy into the fold and you've got one sensational adventure!” 

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Coming Soon... The Ten Doctors!!!

 A while back I interviewed Richard Morris about his fan-made comic strip The Ten Doctors. Many people were interested in how they could see Rich's creation. Well, wonder no more! Starting on May 1st, Doctor Who: Panel to Panel will be presenting The Ten Doctors on complete with extras and bonus content! Here's a teaser of what's to come!!

Sunday, April 9, 2023

Faction Paradox #1 Comic

 As mentioned in Doctor Who: Panel to Panel Episode #156, here is a sample of the first issue of Faction Paradox #1 from Mad Norwegian Press and Image Comics from 2003. One of the first spinoff comics from Doctor Who, this comic is one to seek out.

These two issues can be found in back issue bins, online comic shops and on eBay. Check them out!

New Episode is Live!

Episode #156 of Doctor Who: Panel to Panel is live! Lars Pearson is the head of Mad Norwegian Press and back in 2003 he helped create the Faction Paradox comic published by Image Comics. Hear the story of how this came about and more, along with news and reviews!