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Doctor Who: Legacy Game to Have Two New Comic Companions!



When the first issues of Titan Comics' all-new ongoing comics series (Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #1 and Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor #1) are released July 23, readers will discover at last how new companions Gabriella Gonzalez and Alice Obiefune enter the Doctor’s lives!

We can now announce that these first issues will also each include an exclusive link to a code that readers can use to bring these new comics companions into their Doctor Who: Legacy games.

That’s not all – players will also be able to pit these new companions against thrilling new levels and enemies ripped from the pages of the comics – for free!

"We're very excited to be working with Titan to add the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors' newest companions to the world of Legacy," said Susan and Lee Cummings of Tiny Rebel Games. "Seeing them fight alongside other fan-favorite companions like Amy, Clara and River Song, and go up against the amazing new enemies introduced in the comics, is pretty thrilling!"

“Doctor Who fans from all over the world have already flocked to Legacy – and with good reason!” Said Doctor Who comics editor, Andrew James. “So collaborating with the Legacy team to bring our comics companions into the game was a perfect opportunity. It’s a real delight for us that Gabby and Alice can now go on new adventures with the Doctor in between issues – and we look forward to sharing more comics-driven content through Legacy in the future!”

Doctor Who: Legacy is developed by Seed Studio and Tiny Rebel Games, and is published by Tiny Rebel Games under license from BBC Worldwide. It is available now for iOS, Android, Samsung and Kindle Fire, with a Facebook release imminent. Find it now on your favorite app store, or visit and for more info.

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor and Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor are ongoing comics series published by Titan Comics. The first issues of both titles are released on July 23, and are available in print wherever good comic books are sold, and digitally through comiXology. Find out more at, where you can also pre-order or subscribe to each series!

About Tiny Rebel Games LLC
Tiny Rebel Games LLC is a publisher and developer of richly designed and addictive games for mobile and other platforms.  The latest partnership venture for Lee Cummings and Susan Cummings, Tiny Rebel Games is the culmination of over a decade of work together across a broad variety of genres and platforms, including a broad portfolio of design and production contributions to such blockbuster successes as the Grand Theft Auto series, Bioshock, Borderlands, and Bully.

About Seed Studio
Established in 2006, Seed Studio is a global developer of entertainment software, specializing in the creation of social game content for all platforms.  With offices located in Taipei, Taiwan and Woodland Hills, CA, Seed Studio is a unique blend of Eastern-Western art, design, and programming.  

About Titan Comics
Titan Comics offers astounding creator-owned comics and graphic novels from new and world-renowned talent, alongside the world's greatest licensed properties and classic graphic novels remastered for brand-new audiences.

Titan is one of the most successful independent publishing operations in the US, with a recent six-week run at #1 in the New York Times bestseller list. 

For more information, visit

About BBC Worldwide Americas
BBC Worldwide is the main commercial arm and a wholly-owned subsidiary of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). BBC Worldwide Americas brings together all of BBC Worldwide businesses across North and South America. The company exists to maximize the value of the BBC’s assets for the benefit of the UK license payer, and invests in public service programming in return for rights. The company has five core businesses: Channels, Content & Production, Sales & Distribution, Consumer Products and Digital.  Under these businesses fall two key brands in the U.S. – digital cable channel BBC AMERICA and BBC Worldwide Productions, the production arm responsible for the smash hit Dancing with the Stars.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Doctor Who Comics Cosplay Companion Contest!


Titan Comics are looking for fans to cosplay as Gabriella Gonzalez and Alice Obiefune - the new companions from the two brand-new Doctor Who ongoing comic series - Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor and Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor.

The best photo chosen by our Doctor Who comics editor, Andrew James will be turned into a variant cover! 

To enter just tweet your cosplay photos on July 26 to @ComicsTitan and tag them #doctorwhocomics.

Click here for outfit ideas on Gabriella Gonzalez

Click here for outfit ideas on Alice Obiefune

For full details about Doctor Who Comics Day on July 26 visit:

Titan Comics' First Issues - A Review

Tenth Doctor #1 and Eleventh Doctor #1 Review by Jeremy Bement

Titan Comics' two new Doctor Who series have had me waiting in anticipation since they were first announced. IDW, the previous company to produce Doctor Who comics, had set the bar pretty high with some really excellent stories accompanied by pretty respectable art. Would Titan be able to come out with books on par with their predecessor? Maybe that's an unfair comparison but nonetheless I wondered...

I was very impressed with the opening pages of the Tenth Doctor #1 issue. The artwork by Elena Casagrande had a style to it that, to me, isn't what you expect in a Doctor Who comic. However, it's amazing to look at with full backgrounds and dynamic layouts combined with interesting character designs. Throughout the rest of the issue Elena's pencils continue to look good and I look forward to the rest of her story arc.

Storywise, Nick Abadzis' script seemed pretty decent. I enjoyed learning about the new companion Gabriella Gonzalez's life and world, and it's nice to see an American soon to travel in the TARDIS. I finished the first episode intrigued and wanting to read the next issue to see Gabriella develop and also to find out more about the mysterious menace Abadzis has created for this story.

My only complaint regarding the first issue of the Tenth Doctor comic was that it felt too much like the first story of the Ninth Doctor's TV era, Rose. The reader is introduced to Gabriella, who isn't very happy with her life, and her family - much like you learn about Rose, her mom and Mickey. Gabriella encounters a mysterious alien (or supernatural thing - we're not sure which at this point) and by the end of the issue she meets the Doctor. Sound similar to the episode Rose? Just a little too much for my taste. However, I can understand what Titan Comics is trying to do by using a story format familiar to New Who fans who may also be new to Doctor Who comics. Giving fans a story that may remind them of their favorite era of Doctor Who may not necessarily be a bad thing if it gets them to come back for subsequent issues.

The first issue of the Eleventh Doctor is a bit different. This is a done-in-one story that begins with the introduction of Alice Obiefune, who becomes the new companion by issue's end. Her introduction is a somber one, as the death of her mom has her depressed - nicely shown through the graytones used to color the art until the appearance of a giant alien dog and the Doctor. Once the Doctor appears, Alice's life seems to take a turn for the better as she finds a purpose. By the end of the issue we have found out quite a bit about this new, smart, plucky woman who will be a nice addition to the Doctor's life.

The story by Rob Williams and Al Ewing is pretty straightforward. It's not so much a story that introduces the Doctor to the reader, but shows the repercussions of what can happen to a person after the Doctor impacts their life. In this way Alice's origin is an upside-down version of the Tenth Doctor's companion Donna, who meets the Doctor on what should be the best time of her life as opposed to Alice's lowest low. It's nice to see that Alice is quite intelligent and that the Doctor acknowledges this aspect of her. Hopefully this leads to interesting future stories. It's a nice complete story by the two writers that has me liking the new companion - and the final panel of the issue has me curious as to what may be in store.

Simon Fraser's artwork varies for me. The first pages look incredible before the story becomes full color. After that I still like what I see, although the Tenth Doctor's likeness becomes a bit too cartoony or more like a caricature compared to the rest of the people in this story. Perhaps Simon was having a tough time capturing Matt Smith's look, which can be hard to do with some people; time will tell. All in all, however, I enjoyed what I saw and can't wait to see more. 

As far as first issues go, I think Titan Comics did a nice job. Both creative teams have given us interesting new companions that have potential to become some of the best, most developed and rounded characters in Doctor Who comics' long history. Both introductions feel a bit too comfortable and gave me a sense of deja vu, but for those people coming into Doctor Who comics fresh they may enjoy feeling "at home" with stories slightly familiar to them. I'm looking forward to what is in store for both of these titles and these two issues are great starters in what looks to be a long line of great comics from the new publisher of Doctor Who. Pick them up and join the adventure! 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Complete Details About Titan Comics' Doctor Who Comics Day!

Titan Comics has posted details about the upcoming Doctor Who Comics Day on Saturday July 26th. Comic retailers worldwide are participating in this event and complete details can be found at:

Lots of contests are available for readers to enter, including details about contests at retailers, online contests to win signed comics and exclusive signed figures and a cosplay companions contest challenging fans to dress as new TARDIS travellers Gabriella Gonzalez and Alice Obiefune. 

Event details are also listed on Titan's website including worldwide comic signings, a global Facebook Q and A chat with Rob Williams and Al Ewing and info about the comics panel Titan Comics will be hosting at the San Diego Comic Con.

To find a retailer near you that will be hosting Doctor Who Comics Day, follow the link below:

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Two More Variants Only At San Diego!


Doctor Who Titan Comics – Great SDCC Offsite Event and Signing

Doctor Who - Titan Comics - SDCC Offiste Event

Doctor Who – Titan Comics – SDCC Offiste Event

The new Doctor Who Comics at set to arrive the 23 July and Titan Comics will be at the San Diego Comic Con!! To add to the excitement the 26th July has been declared as Doctor Who Comic Day.

Given all this celebration to launch these gorgeous new comics and stories of our favourite Doctor – David Tennant and Matt Smith, what else could we need??

Why another event of course!

So on 26th July in San Diego  at the Comickaze Comic Store, Titan Comics is holding an SDCC Offsite Event where writer Nick Abadzis, artist Elena Casagrande, cover artist Alice X. Zhang and Doctor Who comics editor, Andrew James will all be there signing.  There will also be a great Doctor Who quiz — make sure you get all the questions right – and many more special events.  Including a special ComicKaze Cover Variant for Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #1 and Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor #1.

Oh and if you show dressed as your favourite Doctor Who characters you might win even more SDCC Doctor Who merchandise!

Location and Time Coordinates:

  • Comickaze comic store, 5517 AB Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92117. 858-278-0371
  • Date/Time: July 26th, 7:00PM – 9:00PM

Friday, July 11, 2014

Details About Doctor Who Panels, Signings and Covers at San Diego!

Wish I was going to be there! From


Titan Comics have revealed plans to launch their two brand-new ongoing Doctor Who series' - Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor and Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor - at San Diego Comic-Con.

Doctor Who Comics Panel
As part of the Doctor Who Comics Day celebrations, writer Nick Abadzis, artist Elena Casagrande, cover artist Alice X. Zhang and Doctor Who comics editor, Andrew James reveal exclusive secrets from the upcoming Tenth and Eleventh Doctor storylines and show never-before-seen art and concept designs. Plus, get your first look at interior art from the upcoming Twelfth Doctor ongoing series! Attendees will also get to watch an exclusive video surprise…

Every person who attends the panel will receive a special Doctor Who Comics Day pack and the chance to win cool Doctor Who merchandise, including exclusive SDCC items.

Location: San Diego Comic-Con, Room 23ABC
Day/Time: Saturday July 26, 3-4pm

All signings will be held at Titan Booth #5537. Times are yet to be announced, visit the booth for details.

Friday July 25
Writer Nick Abadzis, artist Elena Casagrande and cover artist Alice X. Zhang will be signing copies of Doctor Who: The Tenth #1 and Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor #1.

Saturday July 26
Artist Des Taylor will be signing copies of Forbidden Planet store variants of Doctor Who: The Tenth #1 and The Eleventh Doctor #1. And writer Nick Abadzis, artist Elena Casagrande and cover artist Alice X. Zhang will be signing copies of Doctor Who: The Tenth #1 and Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor #1.

Exclusive Variant Covers
Look out for three special variant covers of Doctor Who: The Tenth #1 and The Eleventh Doctor #1 by Titan Comics (booth #5537), the BBC Shop (booth #4129) and Diamond (booth #2401).

For more information visit Titan Booth #5537 at San Diego Comic-Con. For more information about Titan Comics and where to get them, visit our Titan Comics FAQ at

New Doctor Who comics previews!


See Doctor Who's Tenth And Eleventh Doctors Meet Their New Companions!

The new Doctor, Peter Capaldi, takes the role in just over a month. But the saga isn't over for the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors. Titan Comics is unveiling brand new Doctor Who series, in which both David Tennant and Matt Smith's Doctors get new companions. And we've got the first exclusive preview pages!

See for yourself how the Tenth Doctor and the Eleventh Doctor connect with brand new traveling companions, below.

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor

See Doctor Who's Tenth And Eleventh Doctors Meet Their New Companions!

The Eisner Award-winning Nick Abadzis (Laika) and fan-favorite Elena Casagrande (Angel, Suicide Risk, Doctor Who, Star Trek) take control of the TARDIS for their first five-issue arc with the Tenth Doctor, as played by David Tennant!

Gabriella Gonzalez is stuck in a dead-end job in her family's New York Laundromat, dreaming of college and bigger, better and brighter things.

So when a strange man with an even stranger big blue box barges into her life on the eve of the Day of the Dead celebrations – talking about an infestation of psychic aliens – she seizes her chance for adventure with both hands.

After Donna's tragic exit, the Doctor thought he was done with new companions. But Gabby Gonzalez is going to prove him wrong… if she survives the night!

On-sale in comic stores from July 23

See Doctor Who's Tenth And Eleventh Doctors Meet Their New Companions!

See Doctor Who's Tenth And Eleventh Doctors Meet Their New Companions!

See Doctor Who's Tenth And Eleventh Doctors Meet Their New Companions!

Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor

See Doctor Who's Tenth And Eleventh Doctors Meet Their New Companions!

A stunning new era begins for the Eleventh Doctor, as played by Matt Smith!

Alice Obiefune has just lost her mother when the Doctor explodes into her life.

But what does this grieving young woman have to do with the career of a 70s musician, an amnesiac alien, and a terrifying cosmic threat?

In the wake of the second Big Bang, find out what the Doctor gets up to when Amy and Rory aren't around!

Series architects Al Ewing (Loki: Agent of Asgard, Mighty Avengers, Trifecta) and Rob Williams (Revolutionary War, Ordinary, Miss Fury, The Royals: Masters of War, Trifecta) kick off a whirlwind adventure through eternity with artist Simon Fraser (Nikolai Dante, Grindhouse, Doctor Who)!

On-sale in comic stores from July 23

See Doctor Who's Tenth And Eleventh Doctors Meet Their New Companions!

See Doctor Who's Tenth And Eleventh Doctors Meet Their New Companions!

See Doctor Who's Tenth And Eleventh Doctors Meet Their New Companions!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Think Geek Has Doctor Who Comics!

This one almost escaped! Think Geek will be at San Diego Comicon with these two exclusive covers for the first issues of the Tenth and Eleventh Doctor first issue comics. If you're a completist don't miss out on these two!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Doctor Who Comics Day Coming July 26th!



This July 23 sees the release of two brand-new Doctor Who ongoing series, Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor and Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor by Titan Comics, which already is set to be the biggest Doctor Who comics launch in recent times!

To celebrate Titan Comics is pleased to announce Saturday July 26 will be DOCTOR WHO COMICS DAY and would like to invite Doctor Who fans and comic readers to join in with the celebrations.

As well as being the first to read these exciting two new series, DOCTOR WHO COMICS DAY will give fans the chance to celebrate everything Doctor Who with signings, events, special variant covers and promotions in stores and at shows in the U.S.A, Canada, U.K. Australia and New Zealand!

Full details will be released next week.

To stay up to date with news on DOCTOR WHO COMICS DAY follow Titan Comics on Twitter at @ComicsTitan or join the Facebook page.