Saturday, March 1, 2014

Titan's New Doctor Who Comics to be US Only

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"It does seem a little ridiculous.
A British publisher, employing British creators, licensing a British TV show from a British broadcaster cannot sell the comics in Britain.
I’ve just had that confirmed to me by BBC Worldwide after being given the runaround by Titan Comics. The new Doctor Who comicscan’t be sold in print form in the UK due to licensing restrictions.
The Doctor Who Magazine, published monthly by Panini in the UK, continues to hold the licence to Doctor Who comic publication in the UK, covering its monthly strip.
There have been strong rumours that either the magazine was to be bought out by Titan, unifying the licences into a worldwideEnglish language licence, or even brought in house by the BBC with a similar effect. But it is not to be. Or at least, not yet.
There is a loop hole. The comics can be sold in the UK, digitally.
What will happen is what happened with IDW being in a similar position. UK stores will get US stores to send them copies. There will be a mark up, extra shipping costs, delays and a higher on-sale price, but Brits will get them…"

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