Thursday, November 19, 2015


Just wanted to mention a few quick updates about Doctor Who: Panel to Panel...

1) I now have a URL! If you want an easy way to get to this page, bookmark - it will send you right to this page. Now that I have a better URL I plan on posting more news, artwork and other goodies on this page.

2) Happy Holidays! I work retail in the real world and with Christmas right around the corner there may be delays in upcoming episodes. Hopefully I will be able to stick to my twice-monthly release schedule, but if I fall a little behind I apologize in advance.

3) Let others know! Please help others find out about my podcast and webpage. I would love to get more Doctor Who comic fans on board and I need your help to do so! Titan Comics has three ongoing series and a rotating limited series going. Panini has DWM and DWA with comics in both. There are people out there who read them. Help me unite all the Doctor Who comic fans around the world!

Thanks for your continued support!


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