Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Help Find Missing Artwork!

Noted Target cover artist Andrew Skilleter is looking for some of his missing artwork.

"MISSING ORIGINAL Andrew Skilleter TARGET COVER ART APPEAL. I've identified four original Target cover artworks of mine that were never returned to me : Invasion of Time, The Power of Kroll, The Web of Fear, Meglos. To make it worse these are probably some the strongest and three feature Tom Baker. I'm particular fond of 'Kroll'. So very desirable objects. I last saw Invasion of Time at Virgin Books when I was working with them on Blacklight and let them hang onto to it for the book and then forgot about it. Someone has these! Does ANYONE know ANYTHING about there whereabouts? I'm not interested in chasing anyone legally but they are my property and I haven't even scans to reproduce them from. Please SHARE  this as widely as possible. Thanks!"

If you can help, let Andrew know via his Facebook page.

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