Saturday, June 17, 2023

Doctor Who Comes to Magic The Gathering!

You may not be a gamer but if you like great Doctor Who art you'll want to check out the next Universes Beyond set from Wizards of the Coast! Doctor Who is coming to the popular collectible card game Magic The Gathering starting in July with a First Look at this cool card set.

This special card set features various different Doctors, locations and more combined with the gameplay of Magic the Gathering. Four special Commander Decks will be released along with a set of cards that can be purchased through booster packs. This set is a limited edition set so you will want to buy it quickly before it disappears!

The set will debut on October 3rd and launch on October 13th. Be sure and check with your local game store to see if they are going to have any special events to tie into the release of the Doctor Who set!

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